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2 Ton Toe Jack Versus Hoists – Hydraulics Move Heavy Loads

2 ton toe jack equipment and hoists are an integral part of warehouse and industrial plants, not just up and down the UK and Ireland, but also all around the world. They are crucial in allowing workers to safely manipulate, raise and manoeuvre heavy load items across a short distance that would otherwise be near impossible or unsafe.

Take, for example, vehicle building or repairs. In order for a mechanic to be able to fit or repair parts on the underside of a car, they’re going to need to be able to get under there. Both a hoist and a hydraulic jack can help with this matter. Jacks utilise hydraulic pressure to generate the force to lift an object of considerable weight; maintain the desired height; and also allow for the load to be safely lowered. Hoists likewise utilise hydraulics. Not quite in the operation, which is handled by electric motor or compressed air; but via the lifting mechanism. This allows for the object – in this example, a vehicle – to be raised and lowered to the desired height. In terms of lifting equipment, the jack would be less hassle and more suited to one person who knows the area of the vehicle they are looking to repair. A hoist, while more complicated to use, would also be more beneficial if there needed to be an inspection of the vehicle. This is because it can be lifted higher into the air, which allows for a much wider view of the vehicle’s underside. Both systems offer their own set of advantages.

At HTS Direct Limited, we offer everything from a 2 ton toe jack to a 50 ton one. We also offer swivel hoist rings, a vital component in raising and lowering loads on a hoist; as well as pick and carry cranes. To see more of what the UK’s number one load moving experts offer, just visit, call us on +44 (0)1785-816747 or email today.

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