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10 Ton Toe Jack Equipment – Use It Safely

10 ton toe jack equipment, as well as other hydraulic equipment capable of carrying bigger or smaller loads, are a staple of industrial workplaces. You’ll often see them in plants, garages or warehouses. This is due to there being plenty of heavy loads here that would be near impossible to move, lift or manipulate without them.

As a result, the hydraulic jack and other lifting equipment that utilises pressure and force to lift loads are needed to move or lift these heavy weights. This means that there is less chance of accidents, safety issues or long-term complications to people operating such equipment. That being said, there are still a number of safety considerations that your employees need to take into account. Your employees should still receive the proper training and supervision in order to move heavy loads successfully. This should also include making sure that the necessary safety gear is provided. You should always ensure that the hydraulic jack are stored away safely. Some lower-quality jacks may leak fluid or could even be inadvertently set off. Make sure they are stored in environments where they could not do any damage. For example, placing it away under a machine could be disastrous. It is also important that workers do not try to manipulate the jack whilst in use. If there is a facility to make changes while the jack is in use, this should be in the product’s manual.

At HTS Direct Limited, we take safety and quality very seriously. It’s why we provide a 5-year warranty on all of our products – whether it be 50 or 10 ton toe jack equipment – as well as the appropriate test certificates. Our jacks also include strong swivel legs and are made of durable material to ensure both safety and longevity. To find out more, just head over to, email or call +44 (0)1785-816747.

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