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10 Ton Hydraulic Toe Jack – How Do They Work?

10 ton hydraulic toe jack equipment could be what you’re searching for today. There are a number of different industries and companies that could benefit from equipment capable of moving such heavy loads. But how is such a small piece of equipment able to lift such a massive amount of weight?

Well, there are numerous different builds of hydraulic jack systems. Generally, jacks are either labelled as either mechanical or hydraulic. The one you may be most familiar with in a more domestic or garage setting is the mechanical jack that can lift a ton or two. On the other hand, their hydraulic counterparts are capable of lifting so much more due to their strength and durability. How this lifting equipment works is down to the force that is generated by pressure. This pressure in such a jack is generally derived from two cylinders – one large and one small. When force is applied to one, equal pressure is generated in both. Yet the larger one, due to it having a larger area, will produce more force despite pressure being the same. This is what allows hydraulic jacks to lift heavy weights successfully. More specifically, they use pump plungers to move oil through the two cylinders. When the plunger is drawn back at first, it opens the suction valve ball which draws oil into the pump chamber. The oil moves into an external discharge check valve in the cylinder’s chamber as the plunger is shoved forward. The suction value then closes, resulting in a build-up of pressure in the cylinder.

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