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New for 2016: Our powered machine moving skate.

Hydraulic Jack & Machine Moving Skates Specialists

If you are looking for specialized lifting solutions for your workshop, welcome to HTS Direct Limited. We are the most trusted name in load lifting systems with a rich heritage running back 40 years. Over the last four decades, we have refined the art of hydraulic jacks, mini crane and load moving systems.
HTS is built on a strong foundation of expertise that was laid down by the founders, Stefan and Michael Koch 40 years ago. We have strived to maintain the same attention to details and our team prides in being trend setters in the industry. Our team comprises highly trained and certified technicians and sales professionals with decades of experience in load lifting technologies. This is our greatest strength and it has made us the most established name in load lifting systems.
Our wide range of innovative products includes our trademark hydraulic jack ECO-Jack®, claw jack, hoist rings, the ECO range of hydraulic toe jack and the ECO line of Machine skates. We also supply replacement parts for your lifting and loading systems and they all come with industry leading warranties. We also manufacture air lifting bags, pick and carry cranes among other lifting solutions. If you are looking for jacks and skates for hire, get in touch and we will help you with the most efficient machines.
At HTS, we are driven by a passion for our customers and this is the reason we are always innovating new systems. Our goal is to make simple yet effective load lifting technology for our customers and this is what we have strived to do over the last four decades. We have a rich history of creativity and all our products boast rich input from our customers’ feedback. We also take great care regarding safety, which has helped us acquire all necessary industry certification.
If you are looking for efficient load lifting solutions for your workshop, have a look at our wide range of hydraulics and load moving skates. We are always adding to our innovative designs to make your work even easier. We also offer tailor made solutions to fit your unique needs. If you have any lifting problems, we guarantee to find a solution that perfectly suits your needs.
We have a dedicated sales team at HTSdirect waiting to assist with your sale and delivery any time you call us. Our commitment is to always exceed your expectations by providing 100% customer satisfaction when you use our hydraulic jack and load moving skates.
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