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Hydraulic Lifting Jack – What Are The Different Type of Jacks?

Hydraulic lifting jack solutions may be what you’re looking for, but what are the different options available? Of course, there are different types of jacks available that are suited to different scenarios. But which is the most versatile of all of these jacks? Read on to find out.

Firstly, there are trolley jacks. These are hydraulic jacks which are most commonly seen lifting cars in garages or even stuff in stockrooms. They have the advantage of low ground clearance, making it ideal to get under equipment or vehicles that are low to the ground. However, they are generally quite low in what load they can handle – most can only manage two to three tons. Bottle jacks, named for their appearance, also use hydraulic pressure, but are able to lift much more than trolley jacks. They can reach a higher height than trolley jacks, but require a higher ground clearance – otherwise they won’t fit. Then there are non-hydraulic options. These include transmission jacks (mostly used to lift gearboxes, hence the name), scissor jacks (useful for domestic, emergency situations, but have very low ton capacity) and air jacks (powerful, low ground clearance but require strenuous human effort). Finally, there is one last hydraulic pressure- based lifting equipment – the toe jack. Using a claw to lift loads, it has the low ground clearance of a trolley jack and the lifting power of a bottle jack. This makes it the ideal choice in any setting.

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